Marie Fill Media

About Me

From the time Marie Fill was little she always had a camera in her hands. Growing up in the beginning of the digital age opened her eyes to the importance of documenting and freezing the motion of the busy life around us. Marie was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia and moved to New York City in June of 2013 to attend classes at School of Visual Arts. Now working as a freelance photographer in Manhattan, she finds herself capturing life around her through digital photography, 35mm and medium format film photography, videography and writing.

In May of 2017 Marie passed the part 107 small Unmanned Aircraft Systems knowledge test through the FAA, and currently holds a license to operate drones for commercial photography and vidography. Passionate about travel, and helping others to find their favorite parts of life, she uses her 8+ years of technical training to see and capture the world, however big or small.

For her most recent work, please see the artist's